Ms Cheryl Diane Parkinson


The Legend of Asosia ( I -so-sah) Sigh-La and Valerie Earth Song.



Who can see the wind? She is invisible but you still know she’s there. How? You can feel her. You can see how she affects other things around you. She whispers through the leaves, mutters past the gutters, gurgles though the soggy drain pipes and sighs over mountain tops -she even bites through the cold.

She is everywhere.

I am going to tell you a story. But before I do it, I need you to do something for me. You need to lie flat. You need to unfurl your curls. You need to expand your irises beyond comprehension to let me in. You know the bends and the folds in your brain? You need to iron out those creases with the strength of your will. Once you do that, you are ready. Ready to hear my tale.

Imagine where we are in the world. Imagine time as an infinite line. Do you see us? You, sitting there, eyes shut and listening attentively. And me.

I am flat, and wide and infinite. I can see all, and I see us on this time line floating in the black. Now, remove yourself from it. Watch how the glowing line twangs and snaps in the darkness. Can you see the light that buffets the line? Pull yourself away, further and further back… faster and faster and faster until you can hear infinity whipping past your ears. Do you see us now? Do you see our planet on that precarious line? Balancing like a pale blue precious pearl in the velvet dark on a glittering, shimmering time line. Beautiful isn’t it?

Now – zoom back down, down, down to the earth… careful! Don’t get dizzy now. Then we rewind.

Let’s go way, way, way back… to the time before now, the AD before this AD. But this isn’t far enough… we need to go back to the long necked dinosaurs; the razor sharp teeth monster mouth and the laborious long lizard. Past the lush green forests and the winding azure blue that He was most proud of. And then we go back farther still to BC to Adam and Eve. And although you never imagined that you could go this far back, although you imagined that this was the beginning – this was not. Adam and Eve was just one beginning, I am taking you back to the one before that. For before there was mankind, there was Man and Woman, and before that still, there was Woman – The Supreme Being.

And before there was Eden, there was The Whistling Woods.

The Whistling Woods were a legend that most don’t know about, and they did exactly what it sounds like they did. The world was made in harmony. The trees whistled a melody that was harmoniously blended with the song of the birds of the sky and the beasts of the earth. Everything sang and was joyful – for that was His intention.

But there was something missing…. He decided to create a being that was supreme. He would make it intelligent, wise, kind and caring. He poured into it all of his best ideas. He would make it resourceful, strong of heart and mind, and sturdy. He would make it soft yet hard, it would be vulnerable yet strong – lean and lithe. It would be His best creation to date: Woman.

This Woman came to be known by the name Aisosa of the heavens, for she was beautiful and wise beyond your human comprehension. She was all He imagined that she would be.


Author: Ms Cheryl Diane Parkinson

The silent opinionated songstress...( who doesn't really sing any more!) A cat-loving, vegan creative writer and teacher. I paint pictures with language, paints and pencils. I write about anything that inspires me, from teenage fiction to children's stories. From serious articles to poetry. Currently seeing the ever elusive literary agent. Been known to occasionally perform poetry.

4 thoughts on “The Legend of Asosia ( I -so-sah) Sigh-La and Valerie Earth Song.

  1. Fantastic as usual taking the reader through her journey…

  2. Aisosa is my sister and I literally loved the book

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