Ms Cheryl Diane Parkinson


The Old Wily Wood


Would you take a walk through the Old Wily Wood?

Where the Ambergris Grimm is up to no good?

Would you take a stroll through the deep if you could?

Knobbly limbs lobes, probes, trunks awkwardly stood.


The moon riding high casting an eerie glow,

Distorting the shadows that flick two and fro,

Stretching and haunting  nooks, crooks and low,

Ghostly shadows in the brush, eyes red a-glow.


A quiver, a shiver, shudders up your spine,

A soft moaning wind, whines round through the pines,

Shadows n’ figures, glide and entwine,

The trees, reaching branches, snag, scrape: so malign.


Flaunting the haunting, the wood loses your steps,

Stumbling and fumbling through the darkness and wet,

The rain in cahoots, drizzles cold wet and frets,

As the wind whips up the pace; your fate is set.


Leaves floating free tumble and cover your tracks,

Whispers and flutters round your ears, face and back,

Changing, evolving the wood stops your backtrack,

The  wily wood’s laughter, rings live through the black.


Would you take a walk through the Old Wiley Wood?

Heart hammers in fear, could you burn firewood?

Knowing the trunks and branches where they stood,

Could rip up their roots, move, betraying deadwood.


Would you take a walk through the dead of the night?

Shadows seeping, creeping and curling in sight,

The moon riding high, lonely, pale and in fright

The freaky whispers; pluming breath, fragile-white.


Rough knobbly fingers rip and tear at your hair,

Not for the faint hearted, so better beware!

Red eyes in the undergrowth, tread with a care!

Moaning winds, yawning mouths, beware the beast’s lair!


Would you take a walk through the Old Wiley Wood?

Knowing that the trees there were up to no good?

Would you take a stroll through the dark if you could?

Knobbly limbs, lobes, probes, trunks awkwardly stood.


2016-06-05 15.55.51_resized (1)


Author: Ms Cheryl Diane Parkinson

The silent opinionated songstress...( who doesn't really sing any more!) A cat-loving, vegan creative writer and teacher. I paint pictures with language, paints and pencils. I write about anything that inspires me, from teenage fiction to children's stories. From serious articles to poetry. Currently seeing the ever elusive literary agent. Been known to occasionally perform poetry.

17 thoughts on “The Old Wily Wood

  1. I love, love this poem. I can imagine it being read to some really creepy music. Excellent.

  2. That’s a lovely poem Cheryl! I miss your creavity of reading poems in english

  3. Lovely poem. Enjoyed it very much.

  4. I would walk through the wood,
    Even if it was wily,
    So the trees understood,
    That I valued them highly.

  5. I envisioned listening to this being read aloud to a group of students, and them listening intently. The rhyme scheme and imagery, no doubt, keeps them enthralled. So, I’m a big kid after all! 😉

  6. That’s a lovely piece of art. ❤

  7. Both, Poem and Image, are great! I am very happy that I stopped by! 🙂

  8. Great poem and painting. Thanks for following my blog. :>)

  9. Reblogged this on weird short stories and other things and commented:
    Just read ‘With no one as witness’ by Elizabeth George (ISBN 13: 978-0-06-054561-1) in which ambergris oil play a role and woods as well. But besides this co-incident I really like this poem of Cheryl Diane Parkinson.

  10. Great poem! And just my sort of wood, though I would only visit it with the support of one of my dragons!

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