Ms Cheryl Diane Parkinson



Witches and Vampires – a useful guide.

There is an idea that witches are fun. That they cast magic spells that tidy your room really quickly, or make feathers flutter in the air beautifully. And there is an idea that vampires are pretty; their skin glittering like diamonds in the sun, as if  they are the embodiment of precious jewels. It isn’t true. I hate to tell you, but you have been lied to. And oh! What a beautiful lie, but a lie nonetheless.

Vampires are the creatures of the Devil and they come flaming from hell. And witches, are the servants of that same Devil – the Vampires natural allies. And so, this book comes with a warning. If you are of a faint heart, if you like butterflies, rainbows and fluffy bumblebees buzzing around summer flowers, you ought to put this story down… this one is not for you.       

But, if you are anything like Amelia, brave of heart. Fiery and fierce…  you might want to use this book as a helpful guide to help you traverse the minefield of life, because whether you realise it or not…
Everything is trying to kill you.